Treivas Architecture Buro

The Bureau Of Weights And Measures

Chapter of ‘Architecture 1.0’ exhibition in A-House Architecture Club

Interior is based on the regular movements of our bodies and what we see. What makes the interior special are the visual pleasure and precisely designed environment. The way how the body moves and how it exists in an enclosed space is what we are most interested in. 

Roman Sakin. Carpet from the project ‘Measuring Systems’. Limonov Art Foundation

This exhibition is about things which stand behind every project of the architecture bureau or interior designer. It is the way how we live in these spaces, how we use them and how the professionals try many solutions in order to make the space comfortable and welcoming.  

Our project Antifurniture was our first take on rethinking the subject of ergonomics. This collection of furniture was used in performances with Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich; at first sight it is a common piece of furniture, although this impression changes when participants interact with it. 

We have tested these objects by ourselves, creating mock-ups with various things from our office. While designing Antifurniture we have looked more deeply into the norms and rules. We use them in our practice daily, although we never truly reflect on them. We have decided to explore this theme in ‘Architecture 1.0’ exhibition, inviting fellow architects, interior designers and artists. 

The items in our hall tell a story about the making of an interior. It starts from the first look at the project’s layout, around which the interior takes its shape, becoming more detailed and elaborate. Before ending up in the storage rooms of our colleagues, these items had a huge impact on the projects.

Archive treasures are our personal bureau of weights and measures that are left behind the scenes after helping to imagine the way in which we interact with spaces.

The exhibition is supported by artworks of contemporary artists and illustrations by Ernst Neufert.

Neufert’s research of ergonomics is basic for every architect and interior designer. They are guiding the viewer through the exhibition and comment on architectural solutions. The drawings are located on the scheme of the podium according to the principles they illustrate. 

The exhibits are laid out on the plywood podium.

This image has emerged from the research nature of our exhibition; this is an architect’s workspace.

The artworks are also part of the installation; we wanted the viewers to wonder what is an architectural mock-up and what is a piece of contemporary art.

Some exhibits are hidden in the most surprising places — for example, on the floor. 

Bureau Patkonen. Tilda Food & Bar Layout

The exhibition is accompanied by the catalogue of the same name with curatorial texts, theory pieces and interviews.

Theory authors