Treivas Architecture Buro

Villa O


Refurbishment of a country house in a picturesque garden that has been client’s favourite place for family gatherings for 20 years.

Since its construction in 2000s, some design solutions became outdated and needed reconsideration. Just like in most cases of refurbishments our aim was to enforce the shape by uncovering the core of the building.

It was especially important for us to make a timeless image. That’s why facades have little décor, except a contrasting color scheme inspired by Ricardo Bofill and Luis Barragan.

New panoramic window in the living room is the biggest transformation. To make it possible, the fireplace was moved further into the house: before that the window was split in two by its chimney.

The enlargement of windows has helped to let nature inside the house: for example, the pool in the ground floor almost flows into the garden.

Refurbishment includes interior as well. Clear geometric shapes balance the rich mix of natural materials and textures used in furniture and décor. Natural lighting has a special role: beams of sun shining through trees outside create a delicate pattern.  

Color scheme of facades moves inside the house. Deep terracotta shades are paired with light blue and navy.

The project has been accomplished in a couple of years considering delays caused by global pandemics. It is especially memorable because of the record-breaking amount of participants. This house became a unique challenge for the working team: many interior details and even planning solutions that became the signature methods of the architects have first appeared here.

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