Treivas Architecture Buro

Expo Time: The Culture Code of VDNKh


The exhibition contains works of art, archival documents and artefacts that have shaped the cultural pattern of the VDNKh over the past hundred years.

The U-shaped plan of the central pavilion dictates the structure of the three-part display: documentary, crafts and contemporary art. 

The three main spaces of the pavilion are divided into capsule units, emphasizing the continuity of the themes through time. In the first wing visitors pass through three equal size rooms of different shapes — round, polygonal and square. Next a deep portal leads into an extensive hall of arts and crafts. Finally one finds themselves in a complex, monumental space of contemporary art.

The axial structure of the path is intentionally disrupted by narrow vertical volumes leading the visitor around the main axis, but visually connecting the spaces through thin vertical gaps.

The monumental voyeurism is chosen as a dominant method of display, that is a reflection of the formidable sequence of events and works not included into the cultural pattern of the VDNKh.

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