Treivas Architecture Buro



Today Russian cities are characterized by the tendency to create closed agglomerations, intended only as housing, in which children play under constant surveillance, all courtyards are heavily guarded, neighbors do not know each other and prefer not greet. In most cases this is caused by notions of safety and social inequality. 

Meanwhile, social infrastructure and amenities are scattered and disorganized, and seеm to appear almost accidentally rather than out of necessity. People prefer to stock up in shopping malls on the weekend instead of using a local grocer, they would rather travel to a business centre than have an individual office. The notion of public space is almost nonexistent.

The project proposes a formula for creating new social environment. The boundary between private and public is blurred, becoming friendlier. The proposal is for the inhabitants to take control over the formation of social functions within their living blocks, creating buffer zones between private and public areas.

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