Treivas Architecture Buro

Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!


An art show about the nature of cargo cult

‘Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman’ is the name of a book of anecdotes written by physicist and Noble Prize-winner Richard Feynman. His speech in CalTech about ‘cargo cult science’ have popularized the term ‘cargo cult’.

Radical minimalism flourishes. Visual arts have shifted into the spectral realm. Architecture, on the contrary, doesn’t have that opportunity. It declares the lack of shape with the help of glass, retranslates its energy into the fields of ecology and communications. Imperfection and bluring of the shape’s borders makes architects concentrate on material, texture or pattern. The poetry of accidental develops faster than ever.

Architecture is the slowest of the arts, while personal blog studded with images is the fastest. The faster the visual message is, the more formalistic it gets. And, on the other hand, the slower the art process, the stronger its reduction is.

The walls are covered with pictures from artist’s mood board: it was the time before Pinterest. This simple trick helps to show how much information we perceive every day. The mosaics of mood board pictures has an overwhelming effect: delicate crystal objects couldn’t be seen clearly.

Actually it is the amount of media noise that keeps us from creating something new and unexpected. This is the cargo cult fueled by social media is so fundamental for our life that it’s not viewed as a fraud.

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