Treivas Architecture Buro

Performance Now


The exhibition presented the evolution of the genre of performance art from 2000s onwards in the context of contemporary culture.

Exhibition’s curator, theorist of visual arts Roselee Goldberg is one of the central figures in the field of performance and contemporary culture. Goldberg states that performance art gained a central role in visual culture in the 21st century. 

Due to the synthesis and complexity of this genre, the artist combined various media in order to express their intention as fully as possible. The public were presented with over 20 works of artists such as Claire Fontaine, Santiago Sierra, Yael Bartana, Marina Abramovic, William Kentridge among others. The exhibition included videos, objects, drawings and photographs.

The idea of performance as an experience lay at the heart of the exhibition. Tall curtains replaced walls to create spacious stages, private viewing rooms and intimate domestic scenes in front of the television, aiming to engage the viewer with an art form that is essentially about physical presence.

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