Treivas Architecture Buro

Office M


A light filled space overlooking the centre of Moscow was designed to accommodate a small finance company. The project called for closed compact offices as opposed to an open plan layout.

The entire glazed perimeter was given over to individual rooms, while the central area became an informal meeting space.

Light glass partitions provide visual continuity and compositional rhythm, allowing the space to be perceived as a whole.

The central lounge area is delineated with sculptural accents, such as a chrome-plated screen,marble and walnut planters with succulents.

Surface colour and texture enriches the rational layout. Warm terracotta shag pile carpeting is paired with Carrara and Grigio Carnico marbles, polished aluminum and American walnut.

The relationship between materials and light enlivens the perception of space through surface. The choice of modernist aesthetic aims to create a space that remains timeless and recognisable.

Project authors