Treivas Architecture Buro

MYRA Workshop


MYRA Creative Community organizes cultural events and guided tours. Its headquarters is where its members are, but now MYRA has a new permanent home. 

Two-storey headquarters is a meeting place and a creative laboratory at the same time. Here members and friends of MYRA — actors, artists, architects, musicians, historians — gather to work on new performances and art shows and to explore the objects from the community’s vast collection.

Workplaces and resting areas support different scenarios.

There are places to cozy up with laptops, enclosed offices for private meetings and even enough space to organize a small event.

Workshop also has a space to store and work with the community’s art collection. Some of the artworks are exhibited here at the office — pieces from MYRA’s collection travel to exhibitions a lot, so the walls never look the same. 

Furniture and lighting support the sustainable philosophy of MYRA — vintage and iconic design pieces are mixed up with artisan creations by small local workshops.

The interior has minimal décor and details, so the team’s creative process is not distracted by anything. The off-white paper-coloured walls, books and art make the perfect background for the community’s projects that are yet to come. 

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