Treivas Architecture Buro

Material World


A joint exhibition of Polytechnic Museum and Museum of Moscow, dedicated to the evolution of our everyday life in the last 100 years

Peter Menzel, Material World, Russia, 1993

Exhibition consists of five chapters: ‘Living Room’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Work & Play’, ‘Hygiene & Beauty’ and ‘No-Routine House’.

These themes unite the exhibits — household appliances and utensils. The visitors can watch how technologies evolved over time and the history of their creation.

Exhibition’s scenography is based on juxtaposition of inner and outer surfaces. Five enclosed halls are grouped around the arcade in the center of exhibition space.

Every hall has its own color, however, the structures are minimalistic — exhibition’s ‘furniture’ shouldn’t distract from the real exhibits.

Infographics is a functional decoration that reflects the hall’s theme. In ‘Hygiene & Beauty’ texts are written on the cards that mimic bathroom tiles, and ‘Kitchen’ has texts engraved on the cutting boards.

Exhibition halls are deliberately artificial, but the space between them has a different look. We wanted to create an image of primary refurbishment. Architecture of the former warehouse got a new role as a technical space for a modern house.

LED lighting connects the halls like a system of wires in the walls. 

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