Treivas Architecture Buro

Kaban Lakes


Project proposal for the renovation of Kazan’s heart — Kaban Lakes

The city’s reflection is its symbol. Canonic views of cities such as New York, Sydney or Venice are inseparable from their reflection in a body of water.

Through the reflection of Kazan in its lakes we propose to envision the growth and development of the city. The proposal consists of two strategies for the formation of the lakes’ coastline and their use.

The next strategy is referred to as ‘Kayma’. Kayma is a word which exists only in Russian and Tatar, and translates as a beautiful ornamental strip along the perimeter of a textile or carpet.

In this case Kayma is the coastline of the Kaban lakes. By colourfully defining this border, we draw attention of the inhabitants of Kazan to the Kaban lakes and create a recognisable system of identity. The proposed Kayma pattern is influenced, though not borrowed, from traditional Tatar motifs.

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