Treivas Architecture Buro

Garderob #1


Twin buildings in Gorky Park, previously known as Cloakroom 1 and Cloakroom 2 were built in the 1940s. Throughout their lifetime they have housed various functions, including kindergartens, ice-skate rental, art studios and storage. In the recent years they stood critical condition, with only the perimeter walls and supporting structures remaining intact.

The proposed regeneration of Cloakroom 1 is distinct from Cloakroom 2, which has recently reopened as the Garage Education Centre. The existing structure of Cloakroom 1 is emphasized as a solid volume, pierced by translucent additions in U-glass.

The interior is divided into two distinct wings, which meet at the reception and administration zone. The left wing houses an ‘IT incubator’, an open workspace with an auditorium in the centre. The right wing is occupied by ‘Fab Lab’ — a digital workshop for developing prototypes. 

The various functional zones are connected by a long corridor, which can open up to the street in the summer and host markets and festivals.

The octagonal annex room, situated along one of the park’s busiest entry points, becomes an exhibition space for presenting the best work developed in the Fab Lab.

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