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Escola Britanica de Artes Criativas


British Higher School of Art & Design in the bohemian district of Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo.

The Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas is located within a building designed by Isay Weinfeld.

The main idea was to create a school with a community spirit, a space which the students would consider their own and be inspired to create in. We wanted to surprise them, to immerse them in an interesting environment.

The space of the school resembles a giant playground with abstract objects scattered around at random. Еach object hides a certain function behind its simple form, but some spaces have been left untouched as a blank canvas. The school was designed with maximum transparency for visitors and its inhabitants.

Оccasional spy windows along the corridors give a glimpse of the students’ work.

Colour is an important part of Brazilian culture, a reflection of the people’s inner temperament. Colour was carefully applied to accentuate certain architectural features within the neutral aesthetic of Isay Weinfeld’s architecture. The colour scheme was developed in collaboration with Kiko Farkas Studio, who created the graphic identity of the school.

One of the boldest interventions was the creation of the first horizontal graffiti in Sao Paulo, which appears on the underbelly of the building and is visible from the entrance, terrace and back garden.

Specially for Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas we designed a collection of outdoor furniture with the Brazilian company MAC. The collection was influenced by the underlying idea of the school as playground. Simple geometric forms of an exaggerated scale function as comfortable meeting spots for students and staff.

A'Design Award — Bronze

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