Treivas Architecture Buro

Emma Nina Nonna


A sentimental series of furniture and lamps by Olga Treivas

New technologies fill our everyday life with perfection. When every item can be sublime it seems that only some roughness, like an uneven stitch can slow down the time.

A bizarre mix of tactile fabrics and cold metal inspired a series of light and furniture with embroidery, wood and perforated metal.

The series consists of various items, from cabinets to shelvings and lamps. Every item is unique: hand-made embroidery makes it unrepeatable.

‘I was inspired by the artefacts from my childhood — in my table’s drawer details of construction kit were tangled with embroidery yarn. This approach is honest, naive, and profoundly feminine and I explore all these themes in my series’
— Olga Treivas

The series was first shown at MADE exhibition of product design in Sao Paulo. Presentation has evolved around knitting and weaving — traditional technics which lie in foundation of many cultures.

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