Treivas Architecture Buro

D Flat


A studio flat is located in the 32nd floor in a house in the north of Moscow.

Traditional Japanese housing Machiya inspired the interior: the play of shadow and light, natural and reserved colours, austere furniture and minimal decoration.

Large panoramic windows let in as much light as possible — this allowed to create an interior that rethinks the features of the surface. All elements of the furnishing exist in pairs “transparency — opacity” and “flatness — volume”.

The pattern of wooden panels in corridor is interrupted by voluminous surface of the wall that is close to the elaborately crafted shelving unit.

Isolated bedroom zone with a working place follows the rules as well. Shelving unit from one side and glass screen from the other encloses it.

The space of kitchen and living room continues this dialogue. Minimalist shapes of the kitchen disclose everything, but the skeltons of dining table and the sofa can be obsereved easily.

Concrete girder becomes the window’s ledge. Its rough texture stands out against milky-white walls. The girder also supports bright details — heating pipes painted red and chandelier Dear Ingo by Ron Gilad, that is hanging above the table like a spider.

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