Treivas Architecture Buro

Casa Nichibotsu


A private house in the coastal area of Uruguay

This private house is located on the outskirts of Jose Ignacio in Uruguay. This place has a vibrant and one-of-a-kind natural context; yet it is very hard to define its architectural context. Colonial past of Uruguay and many borrowings from other cultures had a great impact on local architecture: its image is always going through changes.

The situation when the absence of context is the context becomes a very exciting task for an architect: it gives designers a rare opportunity to create from scratch and contribute to this melting pot of influences.

While designing this project, we wanted to keep it simple, going back to basics. The wall as the primary element of architecture was the subject of our initial thoughts. Walls can divide and connect at the same time; the duality of this basic concept is what attracts us most.

We have focused on exploring the joints between walls, offering the architectural solution in which this intersection of two entities has a shape-forming significance.

Two-storey building is a constructor that can be transformed according to the needs of the house owners.

Living blocks and technical spaces are united with corridors and bridges, which can be assembled into a flexible system of transition elements. Solution like this provides maximum privacy for all users of the house, yet keep them connected with each other.

Despite a private character of its architecture, the house is open to its surroundings. In such secluded area it is the landscape that takes charge and offers its guidance.

The balance of openness to nature and privacy within the housing blocks makes this house a perfect place to retreat.

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