Treivas Architecture Buro

Casa de Raposa


A tropical hut for a family of surfers is hidden on the Atlantic ocean’s shore between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo in one of the villages of Brazilian national park Serra da Bocaina.

The project rethinks traditional building technologies. House gets its disinctive appearance in the process of playing with the tropical roof’s shape — trapeze geometry has been used four times in different scales and directions.

House structure consists of three parts. In its core stands a concrete tower with archways that recemble traditional windows popular for colonial style. It is the central axis for two doubled-up roofs of palm leaves arranged just like indigenous people of Brazil did their roofs.

Outer glass cover is neutral — it serves as a barrier between cozy hut and jungle forest, as well as paying hommage to Brazilian modernist heritage.

Villa has three floors: the double ceiling ground floor accomodates living room, dining room and bedrooms as well as kitchen merged in the tower. Mezzanine floor consists of library and guest bedroom with a little window. The top floor serves as the training hall and viewpoint where you can look at the ocean and decide whether it is time to catch the wave or train at home.

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