Treivas Architecture Buro

Casa Ceibo


A private house in the coastal area of Uruguay

This is a story about escaping from the metropolis and finding a new home. The house fits the original Roman concept of villa: a secluded place where the owner can rest from the city life and slow down.

The project is named after Erythrina or the Coral Tree, the national plant of Uruguay with scarlet flowers: this country’s vibrant nature was our main source of inspiration.

Located on the outskirts of Jose Ignacio, the villa has an impressive natural context that has been taken in the account when planning its layout.

Dense rectangular layout of the villa is influenced by the restrictions of the area. A system of inner courtyards and terraces shapes the building’s layout, providing it additional boldness.

We wanted to achieve a total synch with the villa’s surroundings. The waterline of infinity pool brings the house closer to the ground, while natural materials used in facades, such as terracotta, are in tune with rocky landscape.

Villa’s main entrance stands out with a column made of rock: this element blurs the boundaries between natural and man-made.

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