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Brodovich: From Dyagilev To Harper’s Bazaar


The exhibition ‘ Brodovich: from Dyagilev to Harper’s Bazaar’ was organized by Harper’s Bazaar magazine and the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture.

Spread from Alexey Brodovitch’s book ‘Ballet’

Alexey Brodovich was a pioneer in graphic design, the man who created the prototype of today’s glossy fashion magazine. During the early 1930s Brodovich began to revolutionize the world of periodicals, combining images with text in Harper’s Bazaar columns. Brodovich became one of the founders of advertizing and fashion photography, teacher to photographers such as Irving Penn and Richard Avedon.

The exhibition consists of three parts. The work with Harper’s Bazaar is hung on the outer perimeter, powder colored walls, the series of photographs ‘Ballet’, which captured the touring Russian Ballet Monte-Carlo in New York, as well as American ballet performances during the 1930s series is hidden within a large ‘casket’, the exterior of which houses the Brodovich museum with portraits of Brodovich by Avedon, Cartier Bresson, Newman, as well as personal letters, photo and video documentation, lectures and interviews which reflected artist’s teaching.

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