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Aviation. Morning Of A New Era. Russia 1910 – 1935


The exhibition ‘Aviation. Morning Of A New Era. Russia 1910–1935’ is based on the most significant events of the first decades of sky exploration. 

It was these events that had stirred society and propelled the growth of the aviation business. The first Russian aircrafts and bold demonstration flights of the 1910s tested the possibilities of  new technologies and inspired young people, future pilots and engineers who went on to work in a rapidly changing Soviet Union.

The section ‘Aviation of the Russian Empire’ tells visitors about the first Russian aircrafts as well as notable Russian inventors, pilots and their records in the sky.

The exposition devoted to the First World War and Civil War, tells the story of the first experiments, the use of aircrafts in combat.

“Aircraft of the Soviet Union” presented information about the work of the first cоnstruction bureau, experimental aircrafts and aviation enthusiasts.

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