Treivas Architecture Buro

Apartments on Griboedova street


This block of apartments is situated in Izhevsk, a town characterised by its brick manufacturing industry. The brief called for a building which would implement this traditional material and respond to its context, while emanating a contemporary aesthetic.

The form was dictated by the constraints of the site – a residential neighbourhood on the corner of Repina and Griboedova streets, which are central thoroughfares through the suburb.

The building consists of two sections varying in height; the 9 storey section is in line with its neighbours, while the 17 storey section reveals panoramic views of the city. Sitting at a distance from Repina street, the buiding is surrounded by landscaped gardens along all but its north facade, with brick perimeter fencing becoming a strong part of the architecture. On the ground floor commercial spaces face Griboedova street, which is bound for expansion, while residents enter from the south, with ground level apartments having their own individual entries with direct access to a garden. The 9 storey section offers and additional garden to be used for communal vegetable growth.

Building’s rooftop

The logic of the form is translated through the use of three shades of brick.

The ground level and fencing form a kind of uniform platform accentuated by a dark finish. The prevailing 9 storey volume is finished in warm shades of brown and grey, while the more advantageous upper section (floors 10-17) is in off white brick dotted with shimmering brass-finish panels. The horizontal rhythmic alternation of bricks creates a nuanced textural composition on the facades.

The sketches of the building’s facades were featured in the A&C’s ‘Sketchbook: Drawing & Rendering’.

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