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All Tooled Up


The project was developed for the 58th Central Glass Competition ‘Toolshed For A New Life’

We have tried to imagine how the tool sheds would be used if they survived urbanisation. Our hypothetical city is analogue: in such a setting the tool shed is a necessity. As the houses evolved into blocks of flats, the sheds would have also become multi-storey structures to include new services. The sheds move through the city like public transport, following a schedule. To get all tooled up, city dwellers just need to pop out of the window in time.

NINA: Sorry I’m late. I had to wait for a while to catch this Nakagin shed, and they are moving so fast. I went to the window as soon as I found out that the capsule was available.
OSCAR: Did you get my message? I’ve sent you a pigeon.
N: I might have missed it. I went out to the shed band yesterday, that new band had a gig at their recording studio.
O: I wanted to come too, but I forgot to check with the toolshed’s schedule. I was 15 minutes late, and, of course, I missed it. How was it?
N: It was great, but I’ve lost my backpack. I guess I have to go downstairs to check, maybe it is at Shed & Found.
O: You always lose your stuff — you might be their favourite customer!
N: Well, you know, I haven’t found a flat yet, so I always carry a lot of things with me.
O: Actually I store all my stuff in the shed drive, so I don’t have to worry about this. You should get yourself a locker too. It is just a couple of floors from here and super convenient.
N: Oh, cool. How much is the subscription?
O: It’s free for students so you should definitely check it.
N: Thanks! I’d give it a try. Wait, was it your house we‘ve just passed by?
O: Oh no, I’ve missed my stop again!

Don’t miss your toolshed!

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