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Alfred Eisenstaedt. Father of Photojournalism


The twentieth century classic Alfred Eisenstaedt played a pivotal role in the development and understanding of reportage photography. You might not know him, but you have certainly seen his works.

A significant part of the photographer’s legacy is his collection of portraits of the biggest personalities in art, science and politics. Amongst them are iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren, Dali, Einstein, T.S. Elliot, Hemingway and Kennedy.

Light constructions the colour of green Crayola framed over 50 works that showcase the photographer’s distinct approach during his work at Life magazine.

Eisenstaedt’s famous ’Victory day on Times Square’ was first published in Life and later became one of the most widely recognised images in the history of photojournalism for its combination of historic significance and artistry.

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