Treivas Architecture Buro

Academiya Argunovskaya


A renovation of a family cafe & pizzeria in the north of Moscow

Cafe & pizzeria is located on Argunovskaya Ulitsa, nearby Ostankino Television Center. The neighborhood has defined its format: guests arrange meetings during the week, and on the weekend they gather with families for lunch. 

Transparent walls make the interior open to a green square that surrounds the building — this feature became the main theme of the project’s proposal.

Wooden blinds, a distinct detail of Academiya chain, and screens dividing the entrance from the dining hall – light and movable structures – help to reach the balance between privacy and openness. 

The surroundings have also defined the choice of muted colours, variety of green plants, natural materials and textures — nothing shall distract the guests from food and conversation.

Nothing reminds of business and proximity of the television center, except the neon lighting above the bar and checkered pattern of dining tables: negotiations are somewhat a game of chess. 

Artisian ceramics support this well-balanced interior. Decor on the walls channels the rock garden, the sighting of which helps to get distracted from the buzz of the city. 

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