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Marina Abramovich: The Artist is Present


A large retrospective of Marina Abramovich at the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture

Visitors could experience the artist’s four key works, which were presented by local performance artists in chronological order. 

The performances were accompanied by videos, photographic and audio material, as well as objects used in the original performances.

The exhibition was divided into three logical blocks. The first block was dedicated to early works in Belgrade (1969- 1975). The second block presented collaborative works with Ulay.

The third part of the exhibition was dedicated to personal works which took place in the period 1995 -2005. In these works, the artist explored the feeling of loneliness, examined her Balkan roots; cultural, ideological and spiritual, the history of her family, analyzing the experience of shame and pain from the cruelty which was unleashed on her country in the 1990s.

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