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The Opening Of 13th Mercosul Biennial


Mercosur Biennial is the major art event in Latin America which is held in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This year Mercosur Biennial presents the works of 99 artists from 23 different countries on 10 venues.

13th Mercosul Biennial 2022 curator – Marcello Dantas, an award-winning multidisciplinary curator. He works on the boundary between art and technology, producing exhibitions and museum and multifaceted projects that aim to produce immersive multisensory experiences.

The theme of Mercosur Biennial is Trauma, Dream And Escape. Curators say these concepts illustrate “The phenomena of what cannot be said. Faced with the latency of a spirit of time that manifests itself in the unconscious, we are faced with questions whose answers do not have a verbal form. This poetic place of a lump in the throat, of an unexpressed cry, of a guarded secret is what we seek to map.

Our team has collaborated with the artist Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich in a project “Antifurniture”. It is a collection of furniture sculptures that are engaged in performances by the artist. These objects maintain the illusion of furniture when viewed from a distance, but any semblance of practicality fades away upon closer inspection. For this reason, visitors are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to submit their bodies to the circumstances that the Antifuniture creates: objects that immediately transform into sculptures on first contact with the human body.

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