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Olga Treivas Took Part In ‘Soviet Design’ Documentary


Gorky Film Studio in collaboration with documentary studio Amurskiye Volny have presented a new documentary series ‘Soviet Design’. Wrapping, posters, fonts, tableware, clothes, toys, furniture, cars and electronics – the series introduces unique objects and solutions, that have shaped an image of USSR everyday-life. Guests of every episode are experts and researchers in this field – historians, art historians, collectors as well as prominent Russian designers.

Treivas’s founder Olga Treivas is an expert of the episode about Kaskad chandelier and soviet crystal glass industry. She also presents our crystal series ‘Four Seasons’.

Series’ trailer features different episodes: Kaskad chandelier, plastic toy Nevalyashka, avoska tote bag and others.

You can watch all episodes following this link .

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