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Olga Treivas’s Guest Talk For ETH Zuerich


Bureau’s founder Olga Treivas is the guest of Meteora Design Studio of the Chair of Digital Architectonics (Prof. Ludger Hovestad) at The Department Of Architecture Of ETH Zuerich next public-talk. The lecture is dedicated to the nature of inspiration and change, that go hand in hand in architect’s practice.


Great ideas appear out of the blue: a ball of yarn found in the drawer or a jar of pickles could be the source of inspiration. But sometimes this process of symbol searching can get so ridiculous, that it gets close to the cargo cult — when something banal seems extraordinary and even magical. 

The Nobel Prize–winning physicist Richard Feynman, who has popularized and broadened this term, warned researchers of not getting too charmed with the form that can be deceptively perfect but empty. It’s the honesty and ability to doubt your own work that make the form integral. 

Architect’s path is somewhat similar to the path of the researcher. Behind every great building are dreams, feelings and emotions that bring the shape to life. The true craft of an architect is to transform these sentiments into a structure, to make it functional yet meaningful. Integrity, emotion and sincerity — that is what makes architecture truly special.

The talk will be held on Tuesday, March 29, via Zoom, ID: 944 0866 4685.

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