Treivas Architecture Buro

Exhibition “House of Life. Five Stories About How Our Houses Change”


A joint exhibition of Polytech Museum and Moscow Museum about how science and technological progress affect our everyday life

Exhibition consists of five thematical spaces: ‘Living Room’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Work and Play’, ‘Hygiene and Beauty’ and ‘House Without Chores’. Everyone of them tells a story about functional utensils, their aesthetics and purpose. Exhibits are placed unchronologicaly, united by themes, not times.

The visitors can follow the evolution of everyday life through routine items and their changes — from gaslamps to microwave, from phonograph to Smart TV. Some exhibits are free to touch, so the visitors can have a full emergence.

Our bureau created the exhibition design. Every section has its own color: bright yellow for ‘Kitchen’, blue for ‘Living Room’, mint for ‘Hygiene and Beauty’. The sections are united by neon light — ‘electrical wiring’. From the outer side of exhinition the walls were deliberately left untouched: they are yet to become the living spaces.

Exhibition will take place from 18th of May to 31st of July 2022 in Museum of Moscow. The tickets are available at museum’s website.

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