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Buro 24/7: What To See At Russian Design Exhibition At The Tretyakov Gallery


The exhibition ‘History Of Russian Design: The Selection’ has introduced a selection of the most prominent examples of Russian product design since 1900s — from well-known fabrics patterns by avant-garde artists to the works of contemporary design. Buro 24/7 has chosen the most interesting exhibits – among them are our crystal series ‘Four Seasons’.

Olga Treivas, Polina Nenasheva and Maria Pichugina say that their method of work is based on reimagining the traditional crafts. They suggest looking at crystal glass as a sentimental symbol of holiday times (who didn’t have crystal salad bowls filled with Russian salad on a NYE table?), not an old-fashioned artefact from USSR. Vases were produced at Gus Khrustalny Crystal Factory. Every vase has a different pattern: ‘Spring’ has delicate petals, ‘Winter’ is decorated with spiky snowflakes.

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